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At SIMS we’re all about inventing solutions that meet future requirements and we want to inspire the next generation to do the same. All of today’s technology has stemmed from a wacky idea and those ideas for the future are closer to becoming a reality every day.

We’d love to see how creative your key stage one children can be, and we’d love them to design a piece of technology for the future. We want to see something that will make people’s lives better in some way. Could it be a robotic guide dog for the blind? A VR holiday headset? Or simply something that would help their family in their everyday lives. The possibilities are endless!

Download the full details of the competition and the supporting lesson plan here 


Supporting resources - lesson 1

History of technology

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Technology imagined in the future

  Resource clips

  Clip duration 

  Back to the Future 2 (1985/89) - hoverboards   00:07 - 00:30 
  A Space Odyssey (1968) – video calling   00:35 - 00:45
  Star Trek (1987) – tablets   Entire clip
  Blade Runner (1982) – digital billboards   00:00 - 00:08
  The Jetsons (1962) – smart watch   01:16 - 01:30
  The Jetsons (1962) – flatscreen TV   04:49 - 05:06
  Star Trek (1987) – 3D printing   00:10 - 00:20

Technology that exists today images

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Supporting resources - lesson 2

Becoming an inventor

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