Imagine a screen filled with pictures of your pupils. Now click on a picture to enter a child on the register, record which times tables they have mastered, award them an achievement point and identify the additional support they need – all from one clear, easy-to-read screen. This is all available at your fingertips with SIMS Primary.

Real-time information about your class

In a busy classroom you need to know how to meet the needs of each and every child.

With the simple class log in SIMS Primary you can record or check attendance, achievement points and behaviour incidents on your tablet or PC as you teach. So you are only ever a few clicks away from knowing exactly how each child is performing.

You’ll spend less time on your IT system, and more time doing what really counts – teaching.

Planning and teaching the curriculum

You need to be sure that every lesson supports children of all abilities to progress towards their expected standards and beyond.

In SIMS Primary you can easily plan your curriculum to reflect the needs of your school, regardless of the programme of study or scheme your school follows.

Learning objectives are available in the Programme of Study area within SIMS Primary, so you know exactly what needs to be covered and how your children are performing in each subject area.

With your school’s curriculum at your fingertips, you can be confident that you will be able to show how your teaching adapts to meet the needs of your pupils, whatever their starting points.

Easy attainment and progress tracking

How can you know how all your pupils are doing – all the time – without adding more hours to the day?

In SIMS Primary, the assessments you enter on your screen are linked to learning objectives or summative assessments in a subject area, so you can quickly see how a child is progressing and where their strengths and needs are.

SIMS Primary not only supports your internal assessments, but it helps fulfil your statutory assessment and reporting requirements too. It pulls outcomes together to offer valuable insights into areas of strength and need that can help shape future teaching strategies and support pupils to achieve their full potential.

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