Imagine having all the information you need to run your school at your fingertips.

No more searching for answers to questions about the progress of children, how you are doing against your attendance targets, or if key school indicators such as pupil conduct or in year mobility are changing. With SIMS Primary, school leaders have access to intelligent, visual dashboards of information that help fuel good decision making.

Real-time information about your school

You can wave goodbye to spending hours on data analysis as SIMS Primary does all the work for you. Our graphical displays of your school’s real time data show you exactly how your school and pupils are performing right up to that moment.

We can even show you information you didn’t know you had and answer questions you never thought you would find answers to. Our system analyses your school’s data and displays it in clear, easy-to-interpret charts that tell you what is happening in your school.

We put the information in your hands so you can act upon it when it counts.

Driving school improvement

You need reliable information to understand when interventions are required to help children progress or to spot when classes may need extra support.

SIMS Primary saves you time hunting for this information, as all the key data for your school is available, in an instant, on your personalised dashboard.

You can examine children’s performance by class group, gender, free school meals, pupil premium or special educational needs. You can then track the progress of any interventions to ensure that they are having the impact you would expect.

SIMS Primary is your control centre for driving school improvement.

Efficient running of your school

Stamp out time being wasted on administrative tasks in your school.

With SIMS Primary you have a one stop shop for all your critical school information. The details of children with additional needs, pupil premium status, or safeguarding concerns, are automatically highlighted to the relevant teachers so you can ensure their needs are met.

Safeguarding is easier as real-time attendance data shows you where your pupils are at any time of the school day, and details of who has permission to collect children are accessible via teachers’ PCs or tablets.

We also take the strain out of completing the statutory returns. SIMS Primary highlights any queries before submitting your return in a couple of clicks, meaning you have more time to focus on what counts – your staff and pupils.

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